Birth of a Shaman

He travels between the worlds of the living and the dead in search of answers. Once fully human now partly spirit he enters where no other dares to look where those few before him have gone. His soul heavy and empty he prepares the way to what he hopes is his self discovery, his salvation.

His life has been a journey of hardship and discovery preparing him for this moment. Always considered different by his people. His senses are sharp and his perceptions clear. He sees through people to their hearts and intensions and is keenly aware of all that transpires around him.

As a child this set him apart, this made him “other”. Loved and feared by his people he was not an outsider but not wholly one of their own either. A creature unto himself his abilities to discern the truth of a situation as well as the understanding of the lower beasts grew with him. It was at this time in his life that the spirits started speaking to him. Whispers at first, faint sounds on the wind. He would stop and listen, straining his hearing hoping to catch a word a meaning.

Young and lonely and beset by the confusion of his condition he began to look for answers. Slowly the whispers began to form meaning and direction, and were applied to his mind and body. His body grew in strength, honed in silent footsteps, he became cunning and cautious. He discovered the arcane arts through the magic of the twilight forest aided by the spirits of the animals. His senses opened he became aware of all the worlds around him.

So the boy grew into a man of cleverness and magic and his people learned not to fear him. Rather a trust in his knowledge grew within the community and though still apart from them he was given a place of honor and named Menarash, he who is one with the spirits. And a Shaman was born.

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Virtue of Integrity

Integrity is that quality of character within a person who lives by their principals and personal ethics.  To have Integrity is to be complete within yourself, understanding and accepting your nature and then acting on it.  Most of all what this says to me is “Be true to yourself”.

Each of us has a dynamic personality with both positive and negative traits.  We strive daily to bring forth that which is good within us and suppress that which we perceive as bad.  Sometimes this can go as far as trying to deny the dark or less pleasing parts of our egos.  This outlook, rather than being beneficial, can be harmful to the Integrity of our psyches.  While it is praiseworthy to always try to be and act our best we must not ignore the many different faucets of our personalities, for to do so is to deny the complete person.

To have Integrity is to actively stand for what you believe in.  This does not mean we need to be aggressive in our principals but we do need to be steadfast.  Sometimes standing up for what you believe to be right can be a very difficult thing.  We often worry about the judgement and possible condemnation of others and as a result our voices are never heard.  But there comes a time for all people when taking a stand is the only right thing they can do, weather in silent protest or vocal outrage.

Each of us has our own set of ethics and virtues.  If we can take the time to examine them, and not take for granted that they are there, but really think about them then we can learn where our own Integrity really is.  Our Integrity lies in our evolving understanding of ourselves and our determination to be true to our beliefs.

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Thoughts on Creation

NGC 5866 as observed by the Hubble Space Teles...

NGC 5866

Within the infinite the one is many, and the many are one.  The creation epic is played over and over again in the existence of all beings.  Our DNA, our molecular structure contains the blueprints for this creation. Within each cell is contained the mystery of beginning.

Creation, the one singular event that sparked all future events to come. Creation, the point of universal connection we all share.  No matter our seeming differences, our implied individualities, we all share the history of creation, a structure of expanding awareness.  This one point shines within us all, and it not only leads us back to the beginning but forges us ahead into the future.

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The Adventure Continues…

The woman strolls the little girl over the threshold of the store.  There are dolls and costumes, and Disney toys everywhere!  Slowly they walk the isles admiring this character or that not giving too much attention to where they are going.

“can I help you find something?” asks a helpful sales woman.

“No thank you, we’re just looking.” the woman replies with a polite smile.  And they continue on down the twisting path though the store.

They stop a couple of times and the woman hands the child a doll or toy but each one is politely handed back.  The little girl has grown quiet, and while interested in looking at what is around her she doesn’t want to touch anything.  This behavior while a little odd is not worrying to the woman, she knows the little girl is naturally mild mannered.

About half way though the store the woman and little girl are at the back admiring random stuffed movie characters when the woman checks her watch.  Five hours!  She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, it felt like only twenty minutes.  Panicked she looks up searching for a sales person to confirm the time with.  No one is there.

Puzzled the two rush to the entrance of the store only to find a heavily wooded forest staring back at them.

“This isn’t real.  I’m in the Mall of America not a forest.” the woman proclaims trying to make the trees go away with reason.

“But it is real” says a voice behind her.

She turns quickly to see that the whole store has been replaced by these woods and they are empty of anyone who could speak to her.  She stares a moment in disbelief.  Then remember the voice.

“Who’s there!” she calls, nervousness apparent in her voice.  “And where are we?”

“Don’t you mean where are you?” the voice replies quizzically

“What?” she says.  Then her eyes widen as it comes to her and she whips the stroller around to see that it’s empty.

“Where is she!?” the woman cries to the disembodied voice.

“The princess? Why she has been taken to her tower.  A new story is about to begin.”

“You can’t do this!  She is just a baby, tell me where she is!” the woman desperately pleaded to forest.

“How do you think these things begin my dear?  All stories are woven from reality and she is the seed to a new story.  If you wish to find her well then, that is your adventure.”

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Day 13657

My system seems to be adjusting to the human medication.  It was a little bumpy but I think I can metabolize it quickly enough to have minimal effect on my progress.

My offspring appears to be showing more of his true nature.  He is becoming argumentative and difficult to the humans, like he wants to take control of them but just hasn’t realized it yet.  This part of the mission is on track and showing a promising outcome.

I must make a note here on the animals these people keep.  I think they know we are different, I can tell by the way they look at me and show me favoritism over the humans.  They are very wise, and furry, and I recommend they not only be spared but I am sure we can find a useful place for them in the new order.

End transmission

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Virtue of Silence

There are different ways to interpret what Silence means and how it can be applied as a virtue.  The simplest definitions are “the absence of noise” or “speechless”.  But as a virtue Silence means so much more.  For the first definition as a virtue Silence is not just the absence of noise but the quietness of the inner self.  Meditation provides for us the perfect environment in which to experience both outer and inner Silence.  In a dark and quiet room we can sit or recline comfortably and breathe deeply.  At first this exercise brings about a myriad of jumbled thoughts that try their hardest to distract us from the peace of mind we are attempting to achieve.  But if we just let the thoughts flow through us, not holding on to any of them, we can find that as our minds are allowed the freedom to wonder uninhibited the thoughts will eventually take on a less harried quality.  As we train ourselves to find this Silence within ourselves we can begin to experience it in a wider range of situations throughout our lives.  We can begin to find the “absence of noise” from within us.

Another aspect of Silence is speechlessness.  When we refrain from speaking we are giving our ears a better opportunity to hear, and our eyes to see, what is going on around us.  When our attention is not focused on what we have to say next we are better able to focus on what other people are really trying to say.  To listen is the sister of Silence and we need to really listen to all that is around us so we may have a true and accurate picture of what is going on.  Those who learn how to listen to the whispers of nature and the mutterings of their own hearts are better able to listen to the true meanings behind the words and actions of others.  In this way to be Silent is to seek the truth.

The virtue of Silence also means to keep secrets.  Trust, faith, and magick are all grounded in the Silence of secrets.  The trust of a friend that you will not betray their confidence is based in your Silence.  The faith that your confidant will not betray your trust is based in their Silence.  Often we see the Silence of secrets as a bad thing, “what are they hiding?” becomes the common question, like having or keeping secrets is wrong.  On the contrary secrets can be quite beneficial when the aim is not to cause harm to someone but rather to have a private piece of mind.  In the occult magick in and of itself is no great secret, in fact magick is freely accessible to all.  But the magickal journey of the individual is a well guarded secret kept securely by anyone involved in that journey.  This Silence allows a person to explore their path both spiritual and mundane in peace and privacy so they may grow into who they are meant to become without the useless scrutiny of others.  In magick, as well as in trust and faith, Silence here is meant to love and protect and is a virtue.

In Silence we can find ourselves, we can see plainly within ourselves the demons and angels that lurk there.  In Silence there is love, trust, and beauty.  The knowledge that we are able to be open and honest with ourselves about how we feel and what we see opens the doors for us to be better people.  And as better people we have more to give to those around us, we are then able to attune ourselves to the heartbeat of Nature and to work with Her rather than against Her.  Have you stepped out to a park or forest lately?  Have you stopped to hear the songs of birds and insects or the rustling of small animals?  There is a quietness in this noise, a peace in the Silent mutterings of Nature.

When we are Silent we hear the message of our hearts and the voices of the gods.  The divine speaks to us all the time but we rarely stop to listen.  There is magick in the voice of the gods when spoken through us and the messages are clearer when we are Silent.  In meditation and prayer we find the divine is eminent, all around us and within us.  As we listen we learn, we become stronger in our minds, our hearts, and our in our beliefs, we become better people.


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Water Elemental

Walking along the riverbed the cool waters sooth and calm the spirit. Tall cliffs stand sentinel to this meditative journey up river.  Each step is carefully placed one in front of the other, avoiding an abundance of loose stones. A bright new sun shines down, filtering though the canopy of trees above and illuminating a particularly brilliant pebble.  The small rock glistens in the water unlike the others, begging to be touched.

Answering the stones call a step is misplaced, a foot slips, and fall into the rushing waters of the little river.  Falling, drowning, the body is swept away by the merciless waters. Pulling, gasping, dying, under water the spirit refuses to leave. Tearing and stretching the spirit twists the body into a new calling.

Water invades and transforms the body into something new.  Something of itself and something of the other.  Merging, twisting, straining the water and the body create a new being.  Rising from the river a being made of water with the soul of a human appears.  It stretches out its arms as droplets of water fall from the finger tips.  With each motion the river flows though it, gently, lovingly.

Above the skies are turning cloudy and grey.  The coming storms begins to stir new emotions.  Lightening meets the out stretched arms and fire courses though the heart of the Water Elemental.  It surges with energy as the elements bless its new existence.  The air though the trees, the earth of the riverbed, the lightening of the sky, and the water to which it was reborn, all meet to acknowledge this new creature as one of its own.

With a new sense of peace and tranquility the new Water Elemental  languidly sinks back into the river.  Its new purpose clear, its new existence understood.  It is the guardian of this water and all creatures who peacefully cross its shores.

In another river a small brilliant stone glistens…

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